National service scheme has emerged as a powerful and dynamic youth movement in the country. NSS is acting as a catalyst to build up the right type of leadership in an Institution. The college has two NSS Units functioning with 200 Volunteers. Unit 129 which is a government aided Unit established in 2006 and Unit 641, Self Financing Unit Established in 2016. The main aim of the scheme is to provide opportunities to the teachers and students to gain valuable practical experience through community service.

The NSS Unit 129 of SNM Institute of Management and Technology has always worked their hearts out to make a better world. The volunteers of the unit are famous for in the college to be talented and of the best personality. The unit for years has been able to transform normal kids into true human beings with the best of personalities. Since their orientation courses are that famous in the college that the staff recommend event a day of social service with the unit for the other students betterment. The National Service Scheme Technical Cell has been implementing the Punarjjani Scheme by rejuvenating buildings and landscapes all throughout the state for years till now. The Unit has conducted more than 10 Punarjjani Works at various Government hospitals and created an asset of more than 6 Crores and was appreciated by the Government for the same.

Besides its impact on personality development the volunteers have completely transformed their college as a whole. They always keep their campus clean with regular cleaning programs and other maintenance works. Whenever the college has some event to be organized, the NSS volunteers take entire charge of them and have never had a failed history yet in organizing an event. Moreover, the volunteers go out into the society with their selfless social service works. They have done numerous surveys that most people in the locality recognize them. They have done several road cleaning and awareness programs in the area that the Vadakkekara Panchayath has appreciated them time and again. The Panchayath till up to date invites the unit for all their future plan meetings, so that the unit can join in with the Panchayath activities.

Taking action in the nick of time has always been one of their specialties. When a cancer patient was in need for money, in just hours they devised a solution and gathered up all the strength and sold newspapers for money. Even in the very last moment the volunteers managed to make over 1 lakh rupees in merely 3 days of work.

The unit also brings out major programs of their own like a mass Krishi program developed in various stages, literacy program to literate entire Mala block and charity program DISHA. Overall the unit is famous in the locality for their selfless service and trust worthiness by the public. The unit never desired fame or to publicize themselves, they always kept the goal of helping others without asking anything in return.


  • 1. Punarjjani Award of Excellence 2017
  • 2. Genesis 2016 - First prize for poster competition
  • 3. IMA Blood bank Appreciation Award ( 2014-15, 2015-16 & 2016-17)
  • 4. Kerala State Youth Welfare Board Certificate and Appreciation (Punarjjani) 2014
  • 5. High speed Internet & Wi-Fi enabled Campus.
  • 6. Transportation facilities in and around Ernakulum & Thrissur.
  • 7. Kerala State Youth Welfare Board Certificate and Appreciation (Punarjjani) 2013.
  • 8. IMA Blood bank- First prize for maximum blood donation among educational institutions (2013-14).
  • 9. Regional blood transfusion center Aluva- Award of honor for excellence in motivating regular voluntary blood donations 2007.
  • 10. NSS Appreciation award 2009
  • 11. Directorate Level Award for Best Technical Unit 2009
  • 12 . Directorate Level Award Best Programme Officer 2009
  • 13 . Amrita Institute of Medical Science appreciation for conducting blood donation camp