Hindu Matha Dharma Paripalana Sabha established in the year 1882is definitely a pioneer of its kind. Put together by the efforts of a group of visionaries who aimed at nothing but the upliftment of the society which they later brought about by establishing various Educational Institutions in and around Vadakkekara.

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HMDP Sabha is constituted of member belonging to vadakkekara – an area which lies at the North-western tip of ernakulam district on the banks of kodungallur back waters. At the time of establishing the Sabha this was a totally neglected area where the population consisted mostly of people belonging to the Ezhava community which was at that time considered to be a part of the untouchables.

These downtrodden groups were socially suppressed by the upper castes that denied them the rights to worship in temples, study in schools or even use the public roads. Some youngsters of the area belonging to this community decided to unite and fight against such social taboos. It was at this time that they came across Brahmasri Ashtavadhani Parisudha Visishta Paranatha Khandana Venkatagiri Sastrikal – an Andhrite theologist who was linked with Hindu Matha Parishkara Movement.

Sasthrikal offered the main source of guidance & support in the setting up of the Sabha.Thus as the fruit of intense dedication and effort put forth by this group of Ezhava youth of Moothakunnam,Kottuvallikad and Maliankara on 08-06-1882 the Hindu Matha Dharma Paripalana Sabha came into existence with Sasthrikal as the President.Madathil Ittiyathi Unikoran ,Poomalil Raman Raman,Thaikoottathil Raman Ekkannan,Tharayil Kandan Raman and Tharayil Krishnan Kandan Kumaran constituted the Executive committee and Erezhath Untaman Krishnan was the Secretary.

During the first 2 months 152 members were enrolled. It was made compulsory that a minimum of one membership was to be taken from every Ezhava family of the locality. For further growth, the membership was allotted to people from Chettikkad,Madaplathurth and Vavakkad and to other area as of Vadakkekara Village.The current membership of the Sabha is 695.


Malayalam Era 1078 witnessed a memorable event in the history of HMDP Sabha.On the 20th day of ‘Makaram’ Bhramasree Narayana Guruswami consecrated the Idol of Sankara Narayana at the Sree Narayana Mangalam Temple. The events marked the beginning of the Glorious years of social and economic growth which has been, as the Sabha believes, endowed upon them by blessing of Sree Narayana Guru swami himself.

The great Guru has been very liberal in providing guidance from time to time and has visited the temple and the Sabha and has shared his valuable knowledge which was instrumental in building an effective policy for the upliftment of the local society’s meeting was convended by the Sabha for the Ezhavas of Vadakkekara and nearby places which was presided by Sree Narayana Guru swami. In this meeting the Guru conveyed to the message the need to abolish social evils that existed in the society. There he called upon the people to restrict the flamboyance and expenditure of functions like marriage etc. His words were duly accepted and treated as commandments in the community.

Sabha gave financial help into the building of Aruvippuram Kshethram and also paid tribute to the Guru by gifting 90 cents of land and a rest house at Aluva.This is presently used by the SNDP High School. The Sabha has also extended financial assistance at the time of purchase of land for Advathasharmam,Aluva.