Neeraja Sarasan - CSE Dept.


Yadhu Krishnan Raju - Instrumentation and Control Dept.

Netball Team SNMIMT

Selected to APJ Abdul Kalam Technology University Netball Team

Hounours Degree Holders 2018-22 Batch

Civil Engineering Department

Got Placement - Civil Department

Abhinavya A R - Ashvika Consultants Engineers and Quantity Surveyors

Anoop M B & Vivek V R - NEO Engineering Consultants

Placed in CABOT

Amal Babu P. & Neepa T.P - Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Class Toppers - 2018 -2022 Batch

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Placed in Capgemini

Neepa T.P. - Computer Science and Engineering

Class Toppers 2018-2022 Batch

Department of Electronic and Communication


Harikrishnan R. - 2018-2022 EEE Batch

Placed in EMSYNE

Aiswarya T.S. - 2018-2022 CSE Batch

Topers - CE Department

Chief Minister Student Excellence Award 2022

Stelcy Sunil - CE Department 2017-2021 Batch

S6 APJ KTU result SGPA 10 out of 10

Niswin K S (S6 CE Department) Achieved SGPA 10 out of 10

Certified Ethical Hacker by EC-Council

Muhamed Fazeel K A (s7 CSE) Achieved Certification on Ethical Hacker by EC-Council

S3 Civil Toppers

1. NISHAF K N - 8.81
2. SREENA T S - 8.78
3. JASSIYA P M - 8.18
4. AKHILA N P - 8.14

S1 Civil Toppers

1. Sneha S Nathan - 9.85
2. Aswini M.A - 9.68
3. Sameena Subair - 9.44

Campus Placement 2022 Batch

Muhamed Fazeel K A - S7 CSE.

KTU Honors Degree - CE Dept.

8 students from civil engineering department got the KTU honors degree.

2021 Batch CE Toppers

Department of civil engineering SNM IMT got a good academic result. 6 students got SGPA 10 out of 10 and 18 students got more than 8.5 SGPA for the KTU S8 exam .

Research Paper Published

Congratulations for publishing a research paper entitled Establishment of Benchmark and Elevation profile mapping for flood modeling and flood inundation studies in International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT).
Reshma K R ( HoD Civil Engineering)

Jiffin K Babu ( Student 2017-210 Batch), Sreemol O B ( Student 2017-210 Batch), Vrinda K S ( Student 2017-210 Batch), Sreeraj T S ( Student 2017-210 Batch)

India Book of Records

Fahmida K.M (S8 CSE) achieved India Book of Records For making portrail of poet Tagore, National Anthem and Indian Flag on glass Bottle

2021 Batch CSE Toppers

CSE Students with above 8 SGPA in B.Tech

Outstanding Students of ICE 2017-2021 Batch

ICE Students with above 7.5 SGPA in B.Tech

Outstanding Students of CSE 2017-2021 Batch

CSE Students with above 8 SGPA in B.Tech

S8 CSE Department Toppers 2021

CSE Students with above 9 SGPA in B.Tech s8 Result.

First Rank in KTU 2016-2020 Batch

A. Nirmal Achieved 1st Rank in Instrumentation and control Engineering 2016 - 2020 Batch

S3 CSE KTU B. Tech examination Dec 2020 toppers

CSE Students with above 8 SGPA in KTU B. Tech examination

ICE Department Toppers 2016 - 2020 Batch

ICE Students with above 7 SGPA in B.Tech

KTU B.Tech S1 CSE Toppers - Dec 2020

CSE Students with above 8 SGPA in B.Tech s1 Result.

S5 CSE Department Toppers 2020

CSE Students with above 8 SGPA in B.Tech s5 Result.

S2 CSE Department Toppers 2020

CSE Students with above 8 SGPA in B.Tech s2 Result.

Fully Automatic Temperature Scanning And Hand Sanitizing Machine

An automatic temperature scanning with hand sanitizing machine is automated, non contact, alcohol based hand sanitizing, which finds its use in hospitals, work places, offices, schools and much more.

Self Sanitizing Door Handle

This is a self-sanitizing door handle that act as a disinfectant for bacteria and microbial activities. The main objectives of this project is to sanitize users hands, kill bacteria and germs and to reduce the spread of corona virus

Cargo Convertible Cycle

It is easy to ride, park and lock at your destination.
With a simple lifting move the rear wheel swings out under the basket, creating space for carrying weight, sports equipment or child seats
Convertible cycle is adaptable, flexible and spontaneous for different fields of application. This is a plus point.

Disinfectant Door

Our disinfection and sanitization door comprises of various equipments.The innovative sanitization saves manpower,reduces contact and prevents any cross infection chance
Our decontamination and sanitizing machine is very cooperative to identify and prevent the spread of the corona viruse, we have kept sanitization door cost very reasonable to increase safety

Winner Water Day Quiz Competition

Sathyajith- S6CE, receiving price from Dr. Amritha Ajeej, Principal SNMIMT

KTU Toppers 2016-20 ICE Batch

ICE S5 Department Toppers

S5 ICE Students having above SGPA 8

Civil S5 Department Toppers

S5 CE Students having above SGPA 8

Civil S3 Department Toppers

S3 CE Students having above SGPA 8

S5 CSE Department Toppers

S5 CSE Students having SGPA 8

S3 CSE Department Toppers - Dec 2019

S3 CSE students having SGPA 8


Our third year student Athulkrishna V P has developed an E-bike which could travel at a maximum speed of 50kmph. It can travel 37km in a single charging. It has battery charge indicator, brake light, horn, turn indicator, etc. He uses the same to travel from home to college.

Kabaddi - 2nd Runner-up position in the D Zone inter college tournament 2019

SNMIMT Women's Kabaddi team secured the 2nd Runner-up position in the D Zone inter college tournament 2019. Congratulations to Captain Amrutha P S of Final year Civil Engineering, and team members for their achievement!


A national level technical quiz competition was conducted by ISHRAE in association with MECHANICUS'19 on October 3rd, under the aegis of Department of Mechanical Engineering, ASIET, Kalady .

ME Project-2019 - Electric Mini Bus

EEE Project-2019 - Delta Wheel Based Staircase Wheel Chair with Solar Roof

ECE Project-2019 - Automatic Smart Bin

ECE Project-2019 - BIONIC ARM

S1 CSE Department Toppers

S3 CSE Department Topper

S5 CSE Department Toppers

S7 CSE Department Topper

Congratulations to Asst.Professor LAKSHMI KAKKANATT and S6 Civil Engineering students for securing 100 percent result in the paper GEO-TECHNICAL ENGINEERING II and for grabbing FIRST RANK in KTU Results.

Congratulations to our top students for securing above 9 SGPA in the KTU Results MAY 2019

Many congratulations to LAKSHMI M.V of S8 CIVIL for securing top rank in GATE 2019 and NICMAR Common Admission Test (NCAT).


Prof.Arumugasamy has secured 100 percent result in his subject PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT Of S6 EEE and ranked 1st position in the subject wise analysis.

Congratulation to Asst.Professor Mrs.Haritha P.H and S7 Civil Engineering students for Securing FIRST RANK in Kerala KTU results in Design of Concrete Structures

Congratulations to our student Maneesha K.A from S7 Computer Science and Engineering Department for getting placed in TCS!

Congratulations to our student Anakha Varghese from S7 Computer Science and Engineering Department for getting placed in TCS!