Department of Computer Science & Engineering Association Activities Report
ESPANIAC 2019-2020

The Department of CSE is keenly interested in promoting and developing co- curricular and extra-curricular activities for the students. From the year 2002 itself we started the departmental association ESPANIAC. To hearten the skills and to embellish the study we conducted Technical fests, Technical talks on emerging trends in the area of Computer Science And Engineering.

Program 1

First day of Academic year 2019-2020

Date: 1 st Aug 2019 Time: 9.00 am to 10.30 am

The CSE department together with CSE Association “Espaniac” celebrated the first day of academic year in a very pleasant manner. Association staff secretary Mr.Gireesh Kumar welcomed the gathering, CSE department HOD Ms.Sreedevi R Krishnan interacted with the students. Discussed about the various programs and activities planned in this semester. The program was made more colorful by cake cutting and various cultural programs.

Program 2

Alumni Interaction for First year students 2020 admission

Date: 2 st Aug 2019 Time: 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm

The CSE department together with SNMIMT provided an alumni interaction session for first year students. The Alumni of CSE 2018 batch Mr. Antony Thomas working at Caxita, Kochi interacted with the students and gave a brief description about the college and the various placement opportunities for the students.

Program 3

2 days hands-on workshop in Machine learning & python

Date: 20 th Aug and 21 st Aug 2019

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering Association “Espaniac” organized a two day workshop on “Machine Learning” on 20 th and 21 st August 2019. It was conducted by Technical Experts R. Bharath, G.Pallanivel and R.Vellitoyangiri from Pantech ProEd Pvt Ltd Kaloor. Around 70 students from 3 rd year and 4 th year Computer Science & Engineering branch took part in the workshop.
The main focus of the work shop was hands-on practical with Machine Learning Tools with Python. In the work shop two mini projects were discussed during the session.

Program 4

Soft skill Training

Date: 9 th Oct 2019

On 9 th October 2019, a soft skill training class was held at Instrumentation and Control Seminar Hall from 1:00 pm to 4:10 pm. The Orientation was presided by Mr. Eldhose P Jacob, software engineer from one of the reputed software company, LOGIC Institute of Technology, Cochin. The students from 5 th and 7 th semester of Computer Science and Engineering attended the Orientation class. The program really focused on Soft Skills Training. The wheel rolled up in the afternoon.

The initial session was dedicated at guiding students in making better career choices in all domains of their interest in IT sector. It includes present scenarios of industry, current trends in HR management and also gives to them the information of the possible upcoming opportunities in both the government and the private sector. The speaker has rich experience of both industry and academics and the words of guidance proved to be the master stroke for many students.

The speaker explained in detail the important concepts of Introduction of Frameworks, Importance of Object- Oriented Programming in today’s world, Relevance of a good team player, real situations of a software trainee and the audience gets focused to the important standards of IT industry. He mainly emphasized on developing soft skills. He gave information about National Association of Software and Services Companies(NASSCOM). He stressed on “ASK” - Attitude, Soft skill and Knowledge. The session was highly informative and motivating. The speaker engaged the students in continuous one on one discussion which made it even more interesting. The speaker also answered lots of queries of the audience and the session concluded with a very interesting crossword contest, result of which was declared there itself. Students benefitted tremendously with this session and their engagement with the speaker proved to be an excellent platform to make strong and intelligent decisions for their careers.

Program 5

Association Day

Date: 19 th Oct 2019

On 19th October Saturday 2019, the Computer Science & Engineering Department of SNMIMT Maliankara celebrated their association day "Espaniac 2k19". The Student Representatives Mr. Harikrishnan (S7 CSE) welcomed the gathering. Our Principal Dr. V.R. Sasikumar Presided over the Function. The chief guest Mr. Vijesh Vijay, the Director- Projects of QBurst, Info park, Thrissur inaugurated the function. Head of the Department Ms. Sreedevi R. Krishnan and the staff coordinator Mr. Gireesh Kumar M.C. conveyed their regards to the students. In the function Class Toppers and the placed students were awarded. The Student Joint Secretary Mr. Sreenadh A. S. (S5 CSE) given the vote of thanks for the function.

After the inauguration, the chief guest had an interactive section with the students on the topic "Industry Expectations" which was very informative for our students. He shared many tips to crack the interviews and different career options the students can choose in the IT sector. He asked the students to improve the knowledge skills in their interested areas and to concentrate in doing programming and have an active participation in the Academic Projects.

As a part of the association program technical competitions like Collage, Digital Poster, Department’s Digital Newsletter and Quiz were conducted and cash prize was awarded. The chief guest also selected the winner of the completion events like Digital Poster and Collage and distributed the prize for the winners. In the afternoon session, the students even had a quiz competition and some cultural events. The Prize for Newsletter and Quiz was also distributed during the cultural program.

SNM Institute of Management & Technology, Maliankara Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering Association - Guruthwa Report - Date: 2020 February 18, 19, 20

The CSE Department has conducted 2 technical events namely Depuracio (Code debugging) and Rob the bank. In addition CSE department conducted a workshop on cyber forensics and an exhibition. The department also conducted 2 fun events namely gaming zone and Crypt your mind. All the events were successfully conducted and have a participation of nearly 30 for each event. There was a wide number of external participation in all the events.


Depuracio” was a coding and debugging competition held as the part of GURUTWA 2K20 on 19th February 2020.The event started at 11:00 am and was conducted as 2 rounds.
The first round was a Debugging competition in which the students had to rectify the errors in their given program and want to show the output. Based on their performance some of the students are shortlisted.
The second round was only for the shortlisted students. The second round was coding, in which students have to write the c program to obtain the given output. The time allotted for first round was 20 min and for second round was 30 min.

The total number of participants was 28 where 3 members where from home college. Mr. Anadhu N.V, final year bagged the first position and Ms. Manjusha, second year bagged the second prize. Both are students of CSE Department, SNMIMT. Prizes were distributed to them by the respected HoD of CSE Department, Mrs. Sreedevi R Krishnan.
Prize pool: 3K


“ROB THE BANK” a totally innovative game which is comprised of several puzzles and physical challenges towards each sessions of the play. It is a game designed for individual contestants and will be provided with a number of strict time intervals for each rounds or levels with a prize pool of 1k. The game consists of four levels in total. The event was conducted successfully and we had 39 participants in a total including other colleges. Mr. Hazel K H from MES college of Engineering, Kunnukara was declared as the winner.

The following are the respective levels:-
First level:
This level is all about solving a simple puzzle. There will be a buzzer system having nine buzzers and each of them will be assigned with some numbers with unique property. The player should find the number in each row consisting of three numbers, pressing the wrong number will raise an alarm. The total time allowed for this round is 3 minutes.
Second level:
This level consists of assembling a desktop computer which has been already dismantled within a time span of 3 minutes. After assembling the system the player needs to turn on the computer and find out a password for the next round from a number of randomly arranged folders in the desktop window. The one who finish the round within the time limit will advances to the third round.
Third level:
Third level is the most secured and advanced one. The contestant will be introduced with a laser security system in which the laser paths are criss-crossed throughout a particular section of gaming path. The player has to get rid of this and reach the section where next level of the game is being placed. He/she will be disqualified by an alarm when any of the body parts had a contact with the laser path or going beyond a time interval of two minutes.
Level 4:
The last and final round can be simply defined as an “inverted” round. The player finishing the third level will be provided with a computer, and the task is to complete typing the paragraph which is being provided in the textbox where each letter in the paragraph provided, and you are typing will be inverted. The keyboard too will be having a characteristic of floating backlit. Time allotted for this round is four minutes. The one who complete all the rounds or maximum level will be the winner.


Topic: Cyber Forensics

The workshop was a place for all tech enthusiasts, where you get mentorship from top professionals and certified hands-on training on the trending technology "Registry Analysis" conducted by FACE, an accredited training center of C-DAC. There were 11 external participants and the total participation was 30.

Topic highlights - Registry Structure, Registry Location, Purpose of Registry keys, Registry keys of Forensics value
Duration: 3 hours
NB: Both course and participation certificates are provided


“APOCALYPSO” is a gaming event where players can play different games competing with each other. Different team combinations are present for different games. The two games are:

NFS: Most Wanted:
It consists of 4 players fighting for the first place. All the players are given same locations and pool of cars to choose from. Everyone should follow the rules of this game. The winner of every race will be given the prize.

It is an online multiplayer battle royal game. It consists of six four player squad battling it out in the battlefield for survival. The squad that is able to survive till the end is the winner of this game. The winner will be given the prize.
A virtual reality experience was also present.
Prize pool: 750/-


“CRYPT YOUR MIND 2.0” is a physical adventure game in which players solves a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints and strategy to complete the objectives at hand. A team consists of two participants. The game consists of three levels, and all these levels have a fixed time limit to complete tasks. There were 90 participants for the event. Mr. Sachin Harris of Holy Grace Engineering College and Stephin Sebastian from Universal Engineering College was selected as the winners for the event.

The three levels are:-

First level:

It’s about memory power testing. Through a projector we project 25 band names that are more popular in our day to day life. Within 3 minute each team should write at least 15 items without any spelling mistake. After clearing this round a team can move to next level.

Second level:

This level is all about how to solve puzzles using photos of most famous people, each team need to complete the task within 3 minute. If the team is able to solve the puzzle within the given time, they could scan a QR code given to them that becomes a hint to next stage. If the team fails, they are eliminated from game.

Third level:

The hint got from the above stage becomes the password to start third level. This level is done in system. Each team is assign with a system with riddles to solve. Within a time period of 5 minutes and the score obtain within this period is noted.
By evaluating which team completed all the task in minimum time is declared as the winner.
Prize pool: 1K


WYSTAWA was an exhibition based on tech and art together. It is an exhibition which displayed hardware equipment and variety of craft items. We arranged a game named "Try your luck" in which the participant has to throw a ball to the table placed 2meters away from the participant and the ball has to hit on the table and should reflect to hit on the any of the placed gifts on the nearby table. Through the art work we placed a Photo-shoot section at a corner. We also displayed a presentation to share technical knowledge

Arts Fest: Samanwaya 2020

The Arts fest of SNM IMT was conducted on February 18, 19, 20 this year along with Tech Fest Guruthwa 2020. The Arts fest of SNM IMT, Samanwaya was inaugurated by Cine Artists Aswathy Sreekanth and Dinoy Poulose on 18 th February 2020 at 10.00am. The off stage events was conducted from February 4 th onwards. The students of CSE actively participated in various off stage and onstage events and secured many prizes. CSE Department won first prize in some of the main group events like Group Dance, Thiruvathira, Oppana, Mime play etc. In individual participation S2 CSE student Sara Thomas won first prize for Classical dance.
The team of CSE Department won the overall prize of Samanwaya 2020. The College Principal Dr. V. R. Sasikumar handed over the ever rolling trophy to the staff and students of the Department.

The team of CSE Department won the overall prize of Samanwaya 2020 with an outstanding position in the points. The College Principal Dr. V. R. Sasikumar handed over the ever rolling trophy to the staff and students of the Department.

SNM Institute of Management & Technology, Maliankara Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering Association Activities Report - Academic Year 2018-2019

The Department of CSE is keenly interested in promoting and developing co- curricular and extra-curricular activities for the students. From the year 2002 itself we started the departmental association ESPANIAC. To hearten the skills and to embellish the study we conducted Technical fests, Technical talks on emerging trends in the area of Computer Science And Engineering .

Program 1

1 day hands on training on “ IOT using arduino” delivered by MR.NIVIN ANTONY, Project Engineer from PanTech ProEd Pvt.Ltd.,Chennai for s7 students on 14/09/2018. The students found this course highly beneficial for their growth in the promising technologies.

Content of workshop was as following:
  • What “The Internet of Things” means and how it relates to Cloud computing concepts.
  • The basic usage of the Arduino environment for creating your own embedded projects at low cost.
  • How to connect your Arduino with your Android phone.
  • Control a Relay Switch by texting or voice command from your Phone.

Program 2

CSE department organized a one day workshop based on topic html/css Conducted by Cogniz Info Tech for s3 CSE students on 26/10/18. HTML and CSS are the fundamental technologies for building Web pages. Students got an idea how to create attractive web pages

Program 3

On 27th of October 2018 our former [2014-2018 batch] student Antony Thomas delivered a motivational talk on “College Life vs Work Life” . He is currently working with caxita tech solutions. During 1 hour session he gave the students od s5 and s7 semester,a brief idea about how work ife is different from college life.

Program 4

On 08th of November 2018 CSE department organized an expert talk on topic "React” by Georgekutty George. He is a founder and CEO of Lookings Soft. He loves to build web apps with reactjs and mobile apps with react-native.
React is a powerful JavaScript library ideal for building interactive, data-driven user interfaces, and it’s used by some of the most successful brands in the world, including Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb, and more. The goal of this program was to equip the students with the skills and experience they need to become a professional React developer

Program 5 :CSE association ESPANIAC Programme on 24/11/2018

1. Motivational Talk

The association day programs – ESPANIAC were inaugurated by Vinod Rajan,Senior Business Analyst & Sr Consultant at UST Global Kochi. He talked in detail about the skills expected from engineers by software companies nowadays. He delivered a motivational talk on “How to Reach and Sustain a Dream Job” and gave an interactive session on “How to crack an Interview and GD”. The sessions aimed to develop students’ insight into the recruitment process ,various job opportunities and interview and group discussions tactics to successfully enter in professional life in particular.

2. Digital Poster Making Competition

Department adopts innovative ideas and methods to improve the quality of education. Computer Science and Engineering Department organized a digital Poster Making Competition on 24th November 2018 based on topic “Dream Job”. The event brings out the art of expressing the feelings in the form of pictures and hence the event was successful.

3. Collage Making Competition

It was an extremely Pleasing experience to see, the enthusiastic participation & execution of the Interdepartment Collage Making Competition. This activity brought out their team building and decision making skills . Following are glimpses of the sketches presented from the event.

4. Cultural Events

The cultural programs were organized in the evening Session . Department always believes these like activities outside the class room buttress the students retention and help them in augmenting academic performance.